Actually it's not g'day, it's g'night. But anyway, I'm really falling behind on my blog updates. Again. I've been house sitting for 5 days in a canyon with no cell service and somewhat terrible internet. I am taking care of two very large German shepherds and four slightly grumpy horses. It's been super nice though, the house is gorgeous and the area is stunning. If I was really, really trying to be productive, I probably could have finished editing the other half of my book by now. But sadly, I've only done a little editing. I have however been reading two non-fiction books, which I almost never do. One is about writing novels, and is shockingly good, and the other is about writing a screenplay. I've always wanted to try a screenplay, so hopefully this will be informative.

A friend made a deal with me. He would try Fringe if I would try Breaking Bad. I tried to watch it, I really really did. But alas, I couldn't make it past the third episode. I found myself irritated with every single character and all of their absolutely terrible decisions. I'm about 99% sure that, if I found out I had terminal cancer, my first choice would NOT be making meth. Especially if I had a relative who's apparent life goal was to hunt down the drug lords in town. Oh well. At least my friend likes Fringe (but how could you NOT like Fringe?).

I have to actually wake up before noon tomorrow, not a common occurrence for a Saturday. This time though, I have the very effective motivation of the San Diego Comic-Con badges going on sale. They sold out in 90 minutes last year, so I don't exactly have high hopes, but I do have hopes. I do hope I'll be able to get badges for all four days, but who knows.

One more thing before I force myself to sleep. A couple of weeks ago, I finally remembered to stop at Wal-Mart to get some EOS lip balm. I must say, that was an excellent decision. I didn't think I'd ever find a lip balm that could compare to Burt's Bees, but EOS definitely does. It's organic, stays on for a long time, smells fantastic, and tastes lovely. I've mostly used the Summer Fruit, but all of the other flavors are amazing too. Definitely worth $3 (especially since EOS is almost twice as big as most chapsticks).

I have more awesome news I'd love to rant about, but I think I'll wait until it's official. G'night!

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