Guardians of the Galaxy - Review (No Spoilers)

I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy today. Though this movie had more of a comic book feel to it than some of the other Marvel films, it was spectacular as always. The very first scene had me crying, it didn't take more than five minutes. They found an absolutely amazing child actor to play young Peter Quill, that kid has a great career ahead of him. The story then jumps 26 years into the future, and it just gets better from there on. Between Peter's sassy immaturity, the non-human's who are often oblivious to the meanings of his comments, and the more serious moments, I was either laughing, completely captivated, or crying through the entire thing. The writers manage to make you care about all of the Guardians as they weave in excellent character development, friendships, and backstories while providing the audience with a masterpiece filled with enough explosions and sci-fi-ness to keep the fangirls and boys glued to their seats. Oh yes, and the classic rock is awesome. I could rant for a long time about everything, including how perfect the acting was, but I shall stop now. I give it 10/10 (for Star-Lord's dancing, if nothing else), go see it as soon as you possibly can. The 3D option is fun but unnecessary in my opinion. 

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