Would you look at that, I forgot to blog. Again. How extremely un-shocking.

My trip to LA was wonderful, the first couple of days were pretty cold (it was cloudy), but then the sun came out and it was lovely. We went to Universal Studios, which was very fun despite my headache. I met some very cool people at a collaboration group, and I'm looking forward to working with them in the future.

We also went to the beach a couple of times, which was really nice. It's been years since I saw the ocean. Sadly, it was too cold to actually get in the water, but there's time for that later.

I've started MORE writing projects since I got home. There are about six screenplays and a couple of new novels, pushing my project count over 60. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the screenplays quickly though, the process of writing a screenplay is much faster than that of writing a novel.

And it is magically 1am, so I'm going to go to bed.

Who am I kidding? I'm gonna stay up until 4 and binge X-Files on Netflix.



I updated Sedition again, and changed the cover. What do you think?

I'd better go be productive (or binge-watch Gossip Girl). You can buy Sedition here.


New Year's Resolutions


Audition for The Voice
Finish, edit, and self publish Seizure (The Fractures Book 2)
Actually exercise
Exorcise my cat
Stop eating sugar... mostly
Move to Los Angeles
Release EP or Album
Travel to Hawaii, Europe, or New Zealand

..........yeah that's all totally reasonable



The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies - Review (No Spoilers)

So I went to The Hobbit marathon today. Yes, my fangirling has reached the level where I'm willing to sit in a theater for nine hours straight.

First of all, seeing the first two movies on the big screen again (and for the last time) was a wonderful experience. Seeing all three on the big screen in one night? Very cool. And getting to watch the character transformations and storylines in a row, fantastic. The effects, casting, acting, setting, action... everything was good. 

Martin Freeman should win some major awards for his acting... actually everyone should. They're all incredible. I must say, I cried for most of the last fifteen or so minutes. If you've read the book, you know why. If not, please go so you can cry too.

The action and battle scenes are captivating, intense, and extremely fun to watch. We get more info about Sauron, which makes me very happy. We also get more Legolas and Tauriel, and let's be honest, who doesn't want more Elvish epicness?

There were a few moments I could have done without, and a few moments where the CGI seemed off, but other than that, I honestly couldn't ask for a better movie. I feel like braiding my hair and learning to wield a sword now. 

Rating: 9.5/10.

Once again, thank you Peter Jackson. Agorel vae. Galu.