Oh look, I didn't post anything for months. Again. Somebody please inform me of how to remember to blog. A lot has happened since my last post. I saw The Winter Soldier, briefly dated a psychopath, saw another OneRepublic concert at Red Rocks, went to an IMAX (finally), auditioned for The Voice and American Idol, started designing clothes again, and started a few more books, among other things.

Can we talk about how good The Winter Solder was? Seriously, I'm pretty sure it's the best Marvel film thus far. Everything about it was awesome, the acting, the action, the story, the plot twists. Not to mention there was no romance, which is extremely rare in any movie (especially one with Scarlett Johansson, am I right?).

The psychopath... dear lord. We tried to be friends and decided to be more, then two days (literally) after we agreed to be exclusive, he blocked me on facebook. After that it was just a blur of him coming back and disappearing over and over (all online by the way), and telling me all these stories about his issues, and I'm 90% sure that everything he said was lie. Anyway, after telling me he was sleeping with multiple people (lie) and had no interest in a relationship (also a lie), he reappeared online a week later with his best friend turned girlfriend (who he said he had no interest in whatsoever). And he's been writing to me ever since then, wanting to meet and explain himself. But honestly, I have no desire to be lied to by him or anyone else ever again. And people wonder why I prefer to stay home.

However, I had the OneRepublic concert to distract me. My god was it fun, just like last year. American Authors and The Script were amazing too, but OneRepublic was flat out spectacular. I live for Ryan Tedder's live high notes. Honestly, four hours of purse bliss and cheap nachos.

About a month after that, we went back up to Denver for The Voice auditions. I basically stood in line for five hours and sang a verse and a chorus of Shakira's Empire for a judge who seemed to have no idea what she was doing. There were so many incredibly talented people there, including one guy who could have won the whole show, but alas, she picked the most average singer in the room. Oh well, at least we got to go see Edge of Tomorrow in IMAX, which was very very cool.

I started messing with clothes again, I just need to get a dressmaker's form and then I can actually start sewing them. I also started messing with spray paint and stencils, and I need to put more of those projects on Etsy. SO MANY THINGS TO MAKE!

The American Idol auditions were really cool though, far more pleasant than The Voice. For one thing, it was outside and people had instruments. So there was a lot of random singing mixed into the monotony of standing in line for four hours. The judge was pretty cool as well, as were most of the other contestants. However, the hotel we stayed in was creepy. It smelled weird, the floor was wet because the air conditioner was leaking, and when it started getting stormy, the thunder rattled the door. Oh yes, and someone's car alarm went off for a good half hour in the middle of the night. But other than that, it was a good trip.

I also started a new book called Colorblind, which I'm very excited about. I need to query for Sedition, but in the meantime, I'm going to work on Colorblind and various other stories. There are a couple of fun ones, including a Hiddleston fanfiction that I was talked into writing. My friends and I are working on a murder mystery together and a new YouTube channel, so that should keep us busy too.

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