Writing Progress

So a couple of weeks ago I set myself a goal. That goal was to write at least 400 words per day. I am extremely pleased to say that, despite having to miss a few days, my daily average is slightly above 600 words per day. I've found that when I actually sit down to write, I generally end up with 800-1000 words, which is awesome. If I keep up with those numbers, I'll have more like 220k at the end of the year instead of the original goal of 146k. This is very good and I'm quite thrilled that I'm managing to stick with it so far. I was originally planning to stick (mostly) to one book, but with a word count like that... I have the freedom to skip from story to story. That's actually a good thing considering I have so many projects now. In addition to my two sequels, two fanfictions, poetry, and short stories, I've taken on another project with Kelsey, which will be pretty big if it actually happens.

I've also decided to take on another goal, which was actually suggested to me by a friend (thank you Kelsey). Every day, I'm going to get a slip of paper and write down at least one thing that makes me happy. Then I will put that paper in something (she has a jar, I currently have a hollow book) and at the end of the year, I'll have at least 365 things that made me happy. As a person who tends to be pessimistic if not downright negative, this seems like a good exercise in positivity.

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  1. That's great Zeva! Congratulations! Pray it goes well for you!