Well That Was A Surprise

The Sherlock Season 3 finale was actually amazing. At first I was freaking out because, well, if you've seen it... you know why. But then it progressively got better and better until the end, which was a false end, and then you-know-who came back and it was just... wow. I would love to rant about it but I'll wait for a while because I know how much I hate spoilers and I don't really want to put any on here. All I can say is that season 3 was AMAZING and Moffat didn't wreck it. YAY! Now we just have to wait who knows how long for season 4. Hopefully it won't be another two years. Since we do have to wait, my mom and I started over from the beginning. Honestly, season 1 is about 100 times better than I remember. I'm looking forward to rewatching all of it, I just wish there was more!

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