May 28th

OneRepublic is returning to Red Rocks this May 28th! The last time I saw them there (which was pretty much my first concert experience), it was one of the best experiences of my life. So I certainly won't be missing this one! Last year I paid an extra $100 for the VIP package and, while the VIP line was unpleasantly windy and cold (not to mention a looong wait), and the photo with the band was extremely rushed, the seat upgrade was spectacular. Sometimes I wondered if Ryan was going to dance himself off of the stage, he got so into it. Here is one of  the videos I got during the concert last year. I have a couple more, but the other one wanted to post keeps coming up with an error message.

If you haven't seen 1R in concert, you should. It is a truly incredible experience (especially if you're in the bone-shaking VIP section near the front), so if you can make it to this concert, GO! You won't regret it. The Red Rocks Amphitheater is one of the coolest venues I've ever seen, and the sound there is awesome. Tickets go on sale this Friday.

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