Curing Writer's Block

I often find myself plagued by writer's block. Anyone who writes anything knows this pain. It os a horrible horrible thing. You have a million ideas but you simply cannot put then down on paper. So I've decided to post my list of things that usually work for me when I can't write exactly what I want.

  • Skip Ahead. Go forward five or ten or twenty chapters and write something from the middle of the story. A scene you know you want, an even that needs to happen, even the ending!
  • Listen to music/switch what you're listening to. I find that music can be a massive inspiration, so find something that fits the scene/story and crank up the volume (but don't go deaf 'kay?). Two Steps from Hell and Thomas Bergersen (all instrumental) are a couple of my favorites. There are a lot of random songs that always make me feel more author-y too, I shall make a post about them some other time.
  • Eat something. Come on, awesome food makes everything better! Can also help when writing a dinner scene etc.
  • Write something else. Start a sequel, write a short story, start something completely new, it doesn't matter. Just try writing something other than whatever is driving you crazy and you might actually get some writing done. 
Hey look, the first letters spell out SLEW. So there's a slew of the things that help me the most.  If I think of anything else, I'll post that later. 

Oh I can't forget one of my favorites.... listen to this Binaural Beats track. I don't know if it works for anyone else but I love it to death. Maybe it's all in my head, but I swear it helps me concentrate on my writing.

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